Our Story

Two venezuelans meets in Berlin, and after a long friendship decided to create the „Pika Pika Chili Compositions“ Project – Sommer 2015. After some experiences – and wining chili awards – we are got well known in the „Hot“ Industry in Germany.

The next step was „The Chili Mafia“, a cooperation with other small manufacturer, creating a platform to get to the customers in a cooperative way.

Artisan work has an enormous value!

We, as small producers of chili products, know how much we love what we do but also the difficulties implied. 

With our second project – @TheChiliMafia – we select, every 6 months, some products from all the great girls and guys producing HOT specialities, we meet in the chili and gourmet festival we participate.

They are all small manufacturers, create great products (this is not charity, is quality) and are inspired by the great variety of colors, heat and taste. Important: Small Manufacturers cannot give big discounts. Even, like here, trying to get new customers. 

The Chili Mafia: the „Hot“ Gourmet Box