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Only Chili products made by small manufacturers.

venezuelan heart entrepeneur
  • The “Chili Mafiosi” produce Hot Sauces (Pika Pika Chili Kompositionen). After they experienced how difficult is to get to the end customers, they tried to build a community of “Hot Chili Producers” – #togetherwearestronger – the origin of the The Chili Mafia.
  • They are both venezuelans and met in Berlin. They live since a very long time in Germany .
  • They have met a lo of small producers in different chili festivals, tried their products and know their stories.

Wo are the”Chili Mafiosi”

Diego aka @TheChiliShaman

Fabian aka Chili Director

  • Venezuelan (colombian ancestors)

The hottest Giftbox – Christmas Gift

Real handmade chili products, no bullshit. Chocolate creations, bread spreads, very hot sauces, hot bloody mary and so on.

Support Hard Artisan Work.